Wir stellen Ihnen die Sicht eines Amerikaners über Serbien vor – seine Sicht die er mit seiner Kamera festhielt! Wagen Sie auch einen genaueren Blick auf Serbien und ihre Leute und lassen Sie sich nicht von den Schreckensbildern der letzten zwei Jahrzehnte beeinflussen… genießen Sie die Bilder, genießen Sie Serbien…


Abstract Reality

Mountain Stroll


Angels Fight For Us

Dance For Me

Heavenly Light

Hope For The Future


Past Memories

A Red Chair


The Long Road Ahead

The New Century

Winter Conversations

The Gate


Forward Motion

From Where I Stand




Railside Rose

Roadsie Beauty

Still Standing

Summer Flight

The Bird Lover

The Good Shepherd

Winter Quiet
I am an American and I love Serbia. It is a love acquired only recently, for I only discovered Serbia a few years ago. Ask someone outside the Balkans to give you an image of Serbia and they can only think of the sadness of the past or nothing at all. This ignorance is a great injustice to a culture that existed hundreds of hears before my own country was even born. i have discovered great beauty in Serbia—in the buildings, in the land and especially the people. It is this beauty I want to share with you. It is my perspective—only one American’s perspective, but it is a gift I hope to share with both this Balkan beauty I have come to love and the world we live in.
Wesley Channell
“A Letter to My People”

I sit here With 100 dinars In my hand And dream Of a Distant land.
A hidden Land To the eyes Of the West Who cannot see Or understand The joys The pains The hurts And claims Of those Who have lived 1000 years Before them.
I want them To meet. East and West To kiss To understand The love The passion The pain The beauty They share But do not see.
So I show Them pictures Of beauty Of grace Of color And faces And ask them To see To understand To remember To forget To meet And walk Hand in hand.
Wesley Channell

Quelle: http://www.wesleychannellphotography.com/balkanbeauty/