– Family Simić from Vrbovac –


Since its foundation in 2009, the youth organization SPOJI has been trying to help families with several children affected by poverty in the Balkans and sick children in Tyrol as part of their charitable work. Every summer, members of the SPOJI youth organization also travels to Kosovo and Metochia in order to personally deliver humanitarian aid to families in need. In recent years, SPOJI has collected humanitarian aid worth a little less than EUR 100.000 with the help of its donors and handed it over to the families. We plan to do the same in summer 2020 and we all know that the coronavirus crisis has only deepend the difficult situation of families in Kosovo and Metochia.


Within this humanitarian action we want to help 7 families and the People´s kitchen in Kosovo and Metochia. The fundraising campaign will last until July 31st 2020.

(1) The six-member Djurić family from Osojane in Metochia. Nikola (21), Sladjana (19) and little Damjan (1) live with Nikola´s parents and his three siblings. Nobody has a job; they get minimal support from the State of Serbia.

Our partner organization “Serbs for Serbs” recently built a stable for them. We would provide them with additional building material (6x windows, 2x doors, water dispenser, etc.) with the collected donations worth 1,500 euros. Then they could also get cows and calves and start taking care of themselves by raising cattle.

(2) Another young family are the Čukarićs from Velika Hoča: Aleksandar (33), Milka (28), Magdalena (6), Ognjen (5) and Vukan (0). Nobody is employed amongst them either. Aleksandar worked in the Visoki Dečani monastery, but had to quit and was quarantined due to the corona virus crisis.

The “Serbian Center” from Vienna is building a house for them and we would get them a washing machine, an electric stove, possibly a wood stove and furniture – worth 1,000 euros.

(3) The extended Micić family also comes from Velika Hoča: Ljubiša (56), Daliborka (42), Aleksandra (23), Nikolija (21), Jelena (17), Julija (5). The grandparents, Radmila and Staniša, who were victims of the attacks in Metochia in the March 2004 pogrom, also live with them in the same household. Unfortunately, they are all unemployed and make ends meet with around 230 euros a month (social and child allowance). In addition, mother Daliborka is ill …

We want to get them an oven heating system for the upcoming winter worth 1,500 euros.

(4) In the same area, we also want to help a young family, which stands on its beginnings. Leonid (28) and Jasmina (22) Dubić from Osojane recently married. Until recently, they lived in the village of Lukavac with Leonid’s mother and siblings, but due to lack of space, they temporarily moved to a small apartment in Osojane. Leonid is currently unemployed, but wants to do agriculture. Jasmina studies pedagogy and works as a teacher in primary school in Osojane and has a salary of around 250 euros per month.

The Ministry of Return wants to build a house for them, but the condition is that they have their own property. Therefore, they paid one with a value of 4,500 euros and took out a loan with a value of 2,500 euros. With the remaining amount of 2,000 euros, we want to help them realize their dream faster and to consolidate themselve in Metochia.

(5) The Stojanović family from Novo Naselje in Kosovo: Radojče (46), Nataša (41), Jovan (18), Dušan (15) and grandma Dunja (70). Radojče works as a receptionist in a school. In addition to his modest income, they also receive his mother Dunja’s small pension.

We want to get them new PVC windows and doors worth 1,000 euros so that the house loses less heat in the upcoming winter and they can save more energy.

(6) Family Stojković from Kusce also from Kosovo: Slobodan (30), Jelena (23), Marko (28), Dragana (24), Andrej (6 months), Zlatko (54), Javorka (54). Another extended family lives together in the same household.

Father Zlatko, who suffers from arthritis, receives a minimum pension and Slobodan and Marko are employed, but the salaries are very, very low and cannot be compared with those in the Western World. They still have child allowances for little Andrej. With that, they come through the month. We want to built them a complete new bathroom worth 1,500 euros.

(7) The seventh family as part of this action – the Simićs from Vrbovac: Dalibor (36), Sanja (32) and Andreja (12). A currently smaller family who also wants to stay in Kosovo and Metochia and continue to develop. Only Sanja is in permanent employment and they receive child benefit. As in all families, very difficult financial circumstances.

Since they are currently building their own home, we want to provide them with additional building material worth 1,000 euros.

(8) In addition to the families, we also want to buy food worth 1,000 euros for the People´s kitchen in Prekovce, which feeds hundreds of people in that region.

As you can see, these are young families who all live in very difficult financial circumstances. In addition, there is the unstable political situation and the very poor position of the minorities in Kosovo and Metochia, to which all of those families belong. Although they live in Europe, they are far from having all the rights and freedoms that we know in the Western World. Despite all this, all these families have the long-term goal to stay in Kosovo and Metochia and to feed themselves, which is why we want to support them.

For this reason, every donation is of great importance in order to make this aid campaign, which comes modestly close to development aid, a reality!


The aim of the donations is to purchase the following aid:

– Building material for the stable: 1,500 euros

– Washing machine, electric stove, possibly wood stove and furniture: 1,000 euros

– Oven heating system: 1,500 euros

– Plot: 2,000 euros

– PVC windows and doors: 1,000 euros

– Complete bathroom: 1,500 euros

– Building material for the house: 1,000 euros

– Food for People´s kitchen: 1,000 euros

>>> TOTAL VALUE: 10,500 euros



1.) Donation account for the EU and Switzerland: (without commission)


IBAN: AT48 2050 3033 0067 8129


Purpose: Familien KiM 2020

2.) Donation number in Austria: (Call costs € 7; of which € 5.25 will be donated)

0901 700 525

3.) PayPal – Moneypool: (without commission)


4.) PayPal – Donate: (3,40% + 0,35 EUR commission)


5.) Facebook Donate: (1,50% + 0,30 EUR commission)


Thank you on behalf of all families for your support and help!


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